Episode 19: Talking The War on Drugs with Billy Swayne

Billy Swayne is the leader of the Neo American Pioneers. That group is preparing to release their sophomore album “Beginning to Unfold.” Billy stopped by to talk about the new album, his approach to songwriting and we focus on the 2008 debut album from The War on Drugs titled “Wagonwheel Blues,” which is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year.   Stick around after the theme music fades out. There's a special surprise. (Here's a hint: it's a sneak peek of a track from "Beginning to Unfold" by the Neo American Pioneers called "Thin Chalk Line.) As always, thank you to Frontier Folk Nebraska for use of their song “Cut You Loose” as the show’s theme music. For more information: Neo American Pioneers The War on Drugs Frontier Folk Nebraska...

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