Talking Coldplay with Kyleen Downes (Ep. 28)

  I’m not waiting for Dec. 31 to make a New Year’s resolution. I’m vowing to put one of these “shows” up every week for the foreseeable future. Put it on the board – commitment = made. I kick things off this week by recommending a few podcasts. They are by no means new, but they are new to me. The first is “99% Invisible” hosted by Roman Mars. I couldn’t remember Mars’s name while I was recording, and rather than editing out my ignorance, I leaned into it. It’s a great show that tells engrossing tales about seemingly mundane topics. It is flawlessly executed and always enlightening. As I was catching up on a few shows I missed, Mars recommended “the memory palace” hosted by Nate DiMeo. DiMeo deals in more long form essays rather than relying on interviews. His writing style ...

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