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Published December 1, 2017

My series of pods focusing on music that matters to me comes to a triumphant conclusion with a Leon Russell monologue.

After a recent purchase of the documentary “A Poem is a Naked Person,” I felt like this was the most natural way to wrap up the music that formed me. I talk about that doc (3:34) and give a much too short biography (10:51).

I then launch into my favorite albums from Russell, beginning with his self-titled release (13:12). I then move to “Leon Russell and the Shelter People” (19:38), the incredible “Leon Live” (22:50) and wrap up with the album that always reminds me of my dad “Will O’ the Wisp” (30:02).

As always, a special thanks to Frontier Folk Nebraska for use of their track “Cut You Loose” off their “WARPIG” EP.

EDIT: I mistakenly said that Russell goes into “Amazing Grace” during “Crystal Closet Queen” on “Leon Live.” He actually does this on “Of Thee I Sing/Yes I Am.” I apologize for any confusion.

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