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Published July 13, 2017

Don Thrasher stops by for the first edition of a new segment dubbed “From the Used Bin,” where we find some underappreciated artists or works and discuss why they deserve more attention. This episode focuses on Brian Eno’s four mid-1970s vocal albums.

Don talks about when he discovered these Eno albums (1:34) and gives a brief overview of what makes Eno such a unique figure in music history. We briefly talk about Smug Brothers latest album “Disco Maroon“(7:03). The deep dives into the Eno albums kicks off with “Another Green World” (10:35), followed by “Here Come The Warm Jets” (16:51) “Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)” (27:01) and finally touching on some of Eno’s producing credits and “Before and After Science” (35:24).

These four Eno albums are also being re-released on 180 gram vinyl remastered for half-speed 45 RPM playback. For more info, click here.

As always, thanks to Frontier Folk Nebraska for use of their track “Cut You Loose” as the theme music from their 2017 EP “WARPIG

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